The Programme is now available for our event tomorrow (14 September 2018).


1-1.30:                  Arrival, Tea/Coffee, Distribution of Reports

1.30-1.35:             Welcome by Chair (Dr Amanda Kramer)

1.35-1.40:             Introduction and background (Prof Colin Harvey)

1.40-2:                  North-South Relations (Prof Colin Harvey)

2-2.20:                  Border Controls, Free Movement, and Racism and Xenophobia (Daniel                               Holder, CAJ)

2.20-2.40:             Human Rights and Equality (Prof Rory O’Connell)

2.40-3:                  Peace Process (Dr Anna Bryson & Prof Kieran McEvoy)

3-3.15:                  Coffee-Tea

3.15-4:                  Discussion

4-4.45:                 Summary and Closing Comments (Brian Gormally, Prof Rory                                                O’Connell, & Prof Colin Harvey)

Transitional Justice Institute CAJ